Capricorn Horoscope 2024 - Capricorn 2024 January forecast

In the beginning of the month, Rahu in the grd house of Taurus: the Moon in the 6th house of Leo; Mercury in the th house of Virgo: the Sun and Mars in the gth house of Libra; Ketu in the 9th house of Scorpios Venus in the 10th house of Sagittarius: Saturn and Jupiter in the house of Capricorn: are in transit.

1st to 7th November: You may attend some condolence ceremony on 15 November.   There will be honour and prestige and you will feel encouraged to do more work. You will expand your social circle making new friends and reviving relations with old friends. You will be doing work quite patiently. The 4th and sth are not so good, and you may attract some quarrels. Somebody may quarrel with you, unnecessarily. You may suffer a loss of money. Opponents and enemies may try to harm you. The hand oth are victorious days. You will take career oriented important decision with an elder’s advice. You will shine in the political field. Success will shower favour on you. order to remove the obstacles in your path, you will have to learn how to deal with enemies and win their hearts. You will shine in team-work. You will be successful in retrieving loans. Your behaviour will be more positive, liberal and enthusiastic than before. On 12th and 13th happiness will surround you’re from all sides. You will welcome your guests with great enthusiasm. 14th and 15th will be worrisome.

16 to 23 November:- A facing Moon on 16th 17th and 18h will bring success. You will prepare yourself for a mentally and physically challenging time. You will work more than your capacity and go for important tours. You will give time to friends and family. The youth will be full of enthusiasm. You will be worried about your career but will be able to settle matters on time. 22 and 23rd are excellent days. You will be able to establish a good rapport with everyone. And feel liberated.

24th to Both November:- First half of 24th is auspicious. The other half of 24th till the 26th will be cacophony because of a fourth Moon. Problems will beset you. Things will not be in your favour in terms of ancestral property. Things will be ok for you only with your wisdom and humility. Housewives will face problems in household work. The time on 27th and 28th is for some research and learning something new. You will have respect for elders. On 29th and 30 h. you may attend a wedding function. Your work capacity will increase and you will get support of important people. You will be happy at the moment.