The Best AC Manufacturers in Delhi

LEEL Electricals Limited ( Lloyd )

Founded in New Delhi, LEEL Electricals Ltd (Lloyd) is a publicly-traded corporation. One of India’s leading and most prominent manufacturers of Coils / Heat Exchangers (Fin and Tube type) serving the HVAC & R sector in India and OEM’s in North America, Europe and the Middle East. Air conditioners for Indian Railways, Metro Rail, and Buses are manufactured at the Bhiwadi facility. It is one of the leading air conditioning companies in India. With rapid growth since its founding in 1989, the firm has earned a reputation among HVACR equipment manufacturers as a reliable source of high-quality coils. Air conditioners manufactured by the company are among the country’s most popular products.

A/C manufacturer Johnson Controls-Hitachi India Ltd.

On October 1, 2015, Hitachi Appliances, Inc. (now Hitachi Global Life Solutions, Inc.) and Johnson Controls, Inc. formed Johnson Controls–Hitachi Air Conditioning as a joint venture. A portion of Hitachi Appliances’ air conditioning business was devoted to the Joint Venture. After Hitachi Global Life Solutions, Inc. bought out Johnson Controls’ investment in the carved-out division; Johnson Controls now owns 60% of the combined company.

Amber Enterprises India Ltd.

The OEM/ODM Air conditioner Industry in India is well-served by Amber Enterprises India Ltd. As a leading manufacturer of RAC components, it has ten production sites across India that specialise in various product categories. Amber is well-positioned to extract the primary deliverables in terms of quality, cost, and delivery because of its backward integration experience in components such as heat exchangers, sheet metal components, injection moulding components, system tubing, and motors. Indoor, outdoor, split, and window air conditioners are all specialities of the company’s. The business deals in both AC and non-AC components. The business is India’s fourth-largest maker of air conditioners.

LG Electronics, Inc., of India

With LG and its wide choice of goods, you’ll have a great time. As a first step, change your TV viewing experience with LG India’s excellent TV viewing technology. With the broadest selection of Nanocell TVs, LED and OLED TVs, 4K Resolution, and Smart TV, you can enjoy the next level of TV viewing. LG India’s unique air conditioner technology will allow you to exhale a sigh of relief as you inhale clean, bacteria-free air. There are three AC producers in India, and this one is the third largest. Commercial and floor standing air conditioners, ceiling cassette air conditioners, the ceiling is hidden duct type units, and HRV cooling units all have their advantages.

Blue Star, Inc.

More than 2800 people and 2900 channel partners make Blue Star India’s largest air-conditioning and commercial refrigeration firm. As a result of these facilities’ use of cutting-edge equipment and modern manufacturing techniques, their products are known for their high levels of quality and dependability. The primary focus of product development and R&D at the company is energy efficiency, environmentally friendly and sustainable products, with a total manufacturing footprint of about 1 lakh square metres.


Voltas Ltd.

One of India’s most reputable engineering solution providers, Voltas is also the country’s largest air-conditioning company. It is the country’s largest air-conditioning service provider. Over 60 years ago, Volkart Brothers, based in Switzerland, teamed up with Tata Sons Limited to form Voltas. Among the most trusted and dependable engineering solution providers, Voltas plays a crucial role in developing the nation’s infrastructure and exports their unparalleled expertise in the fields of engineering and construction, as well as cooling and ventilation for infrastructure projects and textiles for textiles the mining and manufacturing industries.