Experts’ Pick: Top 5 Book Publishers in Delhi

Finding the best book publishers in Delhi has never been an easy job—even more challenging than writing a story. This is how most new writers feel while trying to find out a publisher for their books. It looks like climbing the Mount Everest without an oxygen mask. But the things can be made easier if you do a little bit research on the promising book publishers available in the capital. Now turning your dream into reality by getting your book published.
Here, we will be talking about the best book publishers in Delhi, which you must consider thoroughly.

Harper Collins

Harper Collins Publishers India is one of the most reliable and popular publishers in India with so many best-selling books in its name. It publishes adult and children’s fiction and non-fiction books, along with other types of books like biographies. For the last two decades, Harper Collins has been one of the leading publishers. During this period, it has published several notable authors like Anita Nair, the Dalai Lama, Amitabh Ghosh, Mahesh Rao, and to name a few.
Since this publishing house hardly make a deal with new writers, however you must keep trying if you have faith in your piece.

Penguin Random House

Penguin needs no introduction—every 3rd book from Penguin would have been in your school or college days. But again, cracking a deal with Penguin would be quite challenging because the publisher generally focuses on high-profile celebrities and authors. Still, there is hope. If you look around and find a giant book publisher in Delhi that gives chances to new writers, it’s Penguin. The sample you email to Penguin should have engaging and artistic elements.
If you dream of getting your book published by a giant publisher like Penguin Random House, you should understand its publishing style. Check out some of the best-selling books for this house and understand its preference.


Westland focuses on new-age writers who are have a dream to become a popular writer. After Amazon acquired this publishing house, Westland emerges as one of the most preferred options for writers who don’t want to undergo the traditional procedure. It accepts the proposals only through literary agents—therefore, you have to find out a reliable agent who can help you get through the deal.
The professionals at Westland are also active on social networking websites where you can reach out to them—chances are that they may reply you quickly. Leave no stone unturned if you have a dream of becoming a popular writer.

New Delhi Publisher

New Delhi Publisher is a book publishing house which has achieved such success that their submissions are near-overwhelmed. They are one of the fastest growing publishers in India, with international and local distribution across India.
It is generally known for publishing books and journals, it focuses on a range of subjects such as science, agriculture, dairy science, medicines, education, management, non-fiction, and many more. What makes it more interesting is the way how it invites new writer. It routinely invites authors through its submission page with some specific questionnaires.

Rupa Publications

Last but not the least, Rupa Publications is one of the giant publishers in Delhi with a line of impressive books from different high-profile authors. It boasts of a platinum partnership with Amazon, and tries to makes its way in the digital space. Apart from its popularity, Rupa Publications has been giving huge opportunities to new authors to publish books spanning from children’s fiction books to memoirs, and many more.

So, these are some of the best book publishers in Delhi that authors should send their proposals to. If you dream of becoming a popular writer, choose the best publisher to add value to your book.